The Bottomless Pond

Den bundløse dam

On the fields between Vilsbøl plantation
and Nors Havreland, one can find a small pond,
which is impossible to backfill.
Every autumn the pond floods its banks,
swallowing up a small portion of the valley,
which can be followed all the way
from Nors Sø to Thisted.

In the summer, the cows bathe in the pond,
but they must be careful
because the pond is a bottomless deep.
My father once tried to measure the depth
of the pond by placing a telephone pole down into it,
but the pole disappeared into infinity.

When I was a boy, I thought that the pole
was sticking out somewhere
on the other side of the world, and a Chinese dragon
might as well be moving the other way back.
In this way, I could easily surpass
the story of the Lock Ness monster.

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