On special prerogatives among animals in Thyk

SONY DSCOne could also find storks in Thyk.
They were strutting leggy about
in middle of the shallows at Øsløs and Vesløs
where they ate pests and vermin.

They liked to eat exactly the sort of creatures
as people tended avoid. They had built their nests
safely over the rooftops on a lamppost
from where they could observe people’s comings and goings.
They had a long, pointed and compressed beak
with which they caught especially moles.

The stork was lurking in wait
while the mole in self-defense threw soil
into the air. But the stork suddenly chopped
its beak into the ground
and captured the
terrified mole.

The stork was a dearly beloved bird
because it also consumed large amounts
of cockchafer grubs and mice.
But its own meat was inedible,
so the bird was allowed to wade
unmolested about
on the huge lengths
of the shallows in Thyk.

(PGW – Translation from Nordvest- Thydigte)

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