The Cow


Karen Kloster from Hinding had four cows.
In 1987 she won a prize from the local dairy
for the best milk in the whole of Thy.
People from Nors were very surprised
that she delivered such good milk to the dairy –
Especially since one of the cows only had three teats.

The three-teated cow was called Maren.
Karen shared her house and life with her.
When Karen spoke to Maren,
Maren hummed and scratched the floor of the cowshed
with her hoofs.

Maren and Karen had only been
really unfamiliar once in their lives:
Many years ago,
Maren had by accident
been eating of Karen’s roses in the flowerbed.
But when she was discovered, she ran behind
the beethouse’s gables and was ashamed
with big troubled cow eyes.

Actually, Maren should have been
sent to the slaughterhouse because she only
had three teats on her udder,
and therefore no longer gave much milk.
In her youth, she was stabbed by a fly
and had a life-threatening inflammation in the udder.
Karen had to cut one teat off by herself
in order to save Maren
from dying.


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