Light Chain Listen – A Sputnik Poem

Light Chain Listen

Sputnik says: 

“Hey, I’m up to it what you are looking for.
True, there are impossible things after love:
“come on, come on something sometime before.”
The most intricate flowers SHOOT OUT, and the sky
takes it hard. 
And all you get is one German flower gun
one night, 
and I can think there are so many women
that the Earth is not at all possible, like all those
little heels that slowly starts walking, 
and then the whole life
breaks into diamonds.

I should have been Mr. Master of incredible things,
yet it’s hard when you always get a headache.
Then you can get sores all over, in time in another
and if you ever get back and wait for a dream
where you choose yourself, you die.

No, I should cut the grass in the garden,
but it is too dry this summer.
All my mental predators are hunting me –
because I am zoological salad.”


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