We Are On Orbit – A Sputnik Poem

We are on orbit

Sputnik says:

“Yes, it’s a totally 10 innovative Megan Con Ex
breaking me out of a groove
and in the same Western I slide into space
and the DVD player represents me completely melted into one thing.
while I shout: “Identity is completely unlimited distributed”.
Yippie Kai Yeah 

I love the giant multidimensional
decomposition of nothing.
Everything is expressed
and be confused into something measurable
which can transform itself into a cat again.

Full resolution of the planets
and each other’s identity policy.
“Do not believe in it!”
There is no self-rotating without selfishness,
and it is confusing to switch between the balls.
Orbits of the all-time orbits
and a transformation orbit
beats the orbit of orbits
and will never surrender to the orbits above them all.
“Travel freely and interwoven in the global twist
with full compensation for the bad taste
on the national fried chicken’s day.”

I am nobody. You are nobody.
There is no I in front of the wall to everything.”


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