The Unstoppable Ham – A Sputnik Poem


Sputnik says:

“My friend, Gelia F was the author of the infamous pamphlet:
‘The Unstoppable Ham’
in which she argued for
liberating sexuality
from the creepy ham production,
instead she wanted to
introduce a tough ham policy.

Gelia F had been afraid of the hams
since she had noticed her own belly
being invaded by one.
She was convinced that
the ham would devour her.

Every day she kept an extremely watchful eye
on the wobbling ham,
who had occupied,
first her body,
then the playpen in her living room.

Gelia F knew from her philosophy book L’anti-Oedipe,
that the ham would grow
into a huge vibrating meat mass.
The ham had already begun to grow teeth.
Before too late,
Gelia F had to hurry and sell that little meatball
to a skilled cannery.
Gelia F could not start thinking about economy by now:
It was important to get rid of the ham,
as long as it was fairly harmless”.



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