Heaven Big File – A Sputnik Poem


Sputnik says:

“I do not know what to say
about the small ivy of the universe.
Cans on the desert planet
are grabbed by green monsters’ greedy fingers
and are left empty for the future.

I lay in the backyard of a moon space
without getting any package send over.
There was no one left after hell.
Heaven was a big file
from people who were full of lies.

I built a gigantic flash which went further than the sun.
It was as good as a real supernova lazer.
Yet, I had to get it out of orbit
to keep the wave steady
in the evening for a couple of hours
– in order to look for beautiful girls.

I should have patented the invention.
This astronomic love telescope
could for 4 months contain
the essence of my total daydream.”

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