Rainbow Forest Dream – A Sputnik Poem


Sputnik says:

“How hot we were the other day
lying in another shelter, getting
a Blooming Wizard and an Aura Flora.
We were fit as poodles in new forest
 fell in the pond and could not help
sniffing out the deep peat moss
as nature’s utmost happiness-dogs.

‘Did she say there’s someone after us?’ 
We didn’t know. Yet we swam
out of the primordial soup
to the young wicked. ‘Here we are again,’
we said,’ and all of you need to imagine
just a tiny bit
of what it’s like
if profound and unbelievable dreams

start blooming.’

We have walked rainbows in the sky
and made a holy city out of our hearts’ love.
Every naked flower yearns to go upstairs  
where the largest mirage of the universe can be seen
with all the colours of the rainbow
reflected by a distant neon machine
in the clouds of golden rain and utopian sun.”


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