My Backyard Universe – A Sputnik Poem


Sputnik says:

I turn my gaze
away from my backyard,
and I let myself
be fully submerged in myself.
Every single part of me
turns into a coherent whole;
past and future
are integrated into the present,
and from all directions,
I observe the universe
in its infinity:
Reality is created
while I think it.
From the boundaries of
my awareness
(Which are the true limits of reality)
I disintegrate;
the present dissolves,
past and future
have never existed;
from the whole,
which everything is part of,
I let myself be aware of
each infinitely divisible part,
and when I have reached this point,
I understand my own nothingness.

I look towards my backyard:
Everything is as it is,
and I see only what I see.

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