Letter to Mother – A Sputnik Poem

IMG_0737 (a tribute to Thom Gunn)

Dear mother,
I really do not know
what it was, but
when we finally
got into her Honda
I felt much harder
(much harder in poetry, yea!)

We drove straight up
the hill of Langelandsgade
And I must admit,
I exceeded the speed of light
and afterwards I felt
ugly as a troll.

Dear mother,
I do not know,
what it is with me and women?
Down the street at the local 7-Eleven
a lovely girl is standing behind the counter.
All the time she slides smoothly
into the nude dimension.
(I am now a troll again?)

Dear mother,
I met a girl
from Sao Paulo in Vestergade,
and she said
she had “Tantos desejos.”
Do girls really think
about sex as much as boys?
(They must feel terrible!)

Dear mother,
for a long time I danced
at Club Le Cheval
with a girl to the naked rhythm.

Yet afterwards I could not
find the hard poetry again.
I was terrified,
I might not
be a troll anyway,
So dear mother,
now I’ve started

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