Long Take Tarkovsky – A Sputnik Poem


Sputnik says:

I want to think like Tarkovsky:
It must be a fragile and ramshackled house,
even the best bricks crumble into dust.
Yet the house has a soul
in the gradual deconstruction against the sky.

The horses
are sick.

It would compromise everything,
maybe even God.

I can pull dreams
across the doorstep of my house.

The fireplace is on fire
in the waterlocked room.

I want to look into the downfall,
but who will hold me back?

I forget,
I am sitting on
rusted machines
in these bleak marchlands.

They carry me completely
in all this mud.   

I thank the rain for it.

Yes, simply:
I am thanking
the rain.

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