I See Swedenborg – A Sputnik Poem


Sputnik says:

“In the back corner of my garden,
I saw
Emanuel Swedenborg
in the shadow of a tree.

He had become an angel himself,
but as always, he was divided between the two worlds:
He never felt completely
at home in the beyond either.

Sitting in heaven, he had been
dreaming back to the this-worldly
and imagined that he, step by step,
descended from the higher to the lower.

Thus in a short adverse revelation
he materialized in my garden
to experience again how the unlimited
could be limited,
the infinite final and the perfect imperfect.

He sat looking around as a real shade
and noticed how time could fly again.
He felt a moment of relief from the spiritual world;
He could feel the force of gravity spinning in his legs
and when a wind entered the garden,
he stayed sitting for a couple of seconds,
before he again disappeared up through the leaves of the tree.”


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