The Vygotsky Buns – A Sputnik Poem


Outside the breakfast bakery in Gomel,
the children are waiting for the buns in the oven.
This is their zone of proximal development.
The connection between thinking and language
is a magic baking trick,
juggling in the brains of the children:
“Aren’t buns soon fully baked?” They ask,
with their noses pressed against the pane

Every sunny spring morning,
Sovjet culture settles in the children
through the language of class consciousness
in mighty newly constructed
concrete avantgarde apartment blocks,
near the roundabout of the military parade.

The ideologically bewitched bakery in Gomel
has a complete rational and materialistic agenda:
The baker’s freshly baked buns, with butter
make small souls alive and happy.
These buns represent the future of the people,
– as the children can eat many more …

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