3112 Velimir – Dissidence II – A Sputnik Poem


“There is no greater misfortune in the world than the loss of reason.”
― Mikhail Bulgakov

Sputnik tells:

Fifa Kikfa, psychiatrist at Slo23, had been notified that she must find a serious diagnosis for 3112 Velimir, the dissident. She decides to give Velimir the following diagnosis: “Sluggish Disintegration Syndrom”. From now on, Velimir cannot later escape this diagnosis; “The diagnosis will be listed in the eternal archives accessible to all future systems,” says a voice.

But Fifa Kikfa, psychiatrist at Slo23, was in two minds, maybe she was wrong? After several months it turns out: Velimir, the dissident still won a larger and larger position in society. What will the system Slo23 now think?

What would happen to the system Slo23, if other mentally ill people heard about him and his story, and they would wish do the same as him, declare themselves healthy and sane and in critical opposition to the system Slo23? It would be a disaster.

All medical treatment would have to be reconsidered. No one would take their drugs.
Everyone would think that they are healthy. An entire law would have to be changed.

Many citizens also read Velimir’s contributions to the newspapers. In a reader’s letter he wrote:

“I do not want to receive the help which the Slo23 system offers me. I’m completely free and have a choice of my own and I don’t want those services I am entitled to. I don’t want the treatment I am ‘recommended’ from the System Slo23. What can ever happen?”

“There are no limits to how far the system Slo23 has reached in its IMPERIALISM OF CARE. I am forced upon the care of the system. But since I’m not accepting it, I am a danger to the system, for what can the system do with such an individual, who will not receive the help he is entitled to?”

Fifa Kikfa, psychiatrist at Slo23, found it hard to decide what to do with Velimir, the dissident.

From Velimir came an excruciating stream of words which he rattled out into the world, and it is this intolerable cascade of words, Fifa Kikfa, with her psychotropic drug, hopes to stop – so the words of Velimir do not just gush, incessantly, into society as word and thought pollution.

The Resistance Movement of System Slo23 has at their international congress 266AB
their honorable member Velimir, the critic on the main agenda. From the pulpit is heard:

“Mental illness is basically just stigmatizing unwanted behavior as sick, “says one keynote speaker.

“Behavior can be immoral, harmful, strange, annoying, or whatever it may be, but not sick, ”says another keynote speaker.

“Any pathologization of our behavior, thoughts and feelings are illegitimate since it is not at all meaningful to talk about mental illness, “says yet another keynote speaker.

One guest speaker asks: “Who is the Velimir, the critic really behind his diagnosis?”

A quite ordinary man. Maybe he’s just scared, afraid of losing everything, losing his dignity, losing his honour, his job, friends and acquaintances afraid of getting discredited, for it can be a terrible experience, if you lose everything in life, “one voice says.

“He is afraid of a life suddenly wasted, where he can no longer do anything without any further options, where he is sidetracked on an early retirement, and stunned by health-damaging psychotropic drugs, “a voice says.

“Velimir has always struggled extremely against the black hole in the black hole, in a maelstrom with an overwhelming power, where everything is meaningless. He is simply afraid to live a meaningless life before he dies, to become a living death – It would be the most horrible thing for him, ”says a whisper.

Fifa Kikfa, psychiatrist at Slo23, finally tries to declare Velimir, the dissident healthy and recovered, but the Slo23 system will not allow it. You cannot rewrite or delete eternal data. A voice from the system Slo23 tells her:

“The life of 3112 Velimir, the dissident, is just a strange futuristic dream. And, unfortunately, a sick system’s fictional imagination.”

Fifa Kikfa can breathe, relieved. Whew.

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