‘Danish Northwest – Hygge Poems’ now open for sale (advertising)


Danish Northwest is a poetry collection that shows “hygge” in its various aspects as practiced or rendered on the outskirts of Denmark, more precisely in the northwestern region of Jutland called Thy. The poems were originally published in Danish and in a dialect called “thybomål”.

The collection is a piece of Danish history told through the eyes of a somewhat fictional speaker, who takes both the outsider’s and the insider’s position while depicting historical events that have shaped Danish society during the 20th and 21st centuries.

New Political Poetry
This poetry collection also deals with current political themes in Denmark and the EU: Regional country life versus the modern welfare state, globalism/nationalism/regionalism, Christianity versus atheism, gender issues and immigration.

Danish Northwest strives towards being political poetry, but without any obvious agenda, except perhaps the observation that the centre cannot be cohesive because of the obvious reason: we are…

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