My science fiction poetry collection Warning Light Calling has arrived, launching officially on 17 October, 2021. The Advance Reader Copies of Warning Light Calling are available in digital (epub, mobi, or pdf) or paperback for review. Contact:

“Peter is cerebral and electric. A heteroglossic spark, which ignites contemplation.”
Sapha Burnell, Author of Usurper Kings, Son of Abel & Neon Lieben

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About the collection
Warning Light Calling centres around Sputnik in a long narrative poem / a novella in verse. Anti-Heroic Sputnik is a spacey young man. He finished studies in the history of ideas and Russian literature. He imagines his life in the context of Soviet culture, literature, and philosophy, while entangled in a problematic relationship with a girl called Yelena. The composition of the narrative poem borrows from the structure and the themes of the Odyssey and the Iliad with a peppering of the Red Space Cavalry. The setting is Denmark, Aarhus.

Dissident Soviet literature, it feels, has been living a reclusive life away from the literary mainstream. Warning Light Calling borrows ideas from dissident Soviet literature in order understand contemporary themes and motifs as the precariat, isolation, East and West, capitalism, healthcare, mental issues, the individual in a globalized world and the worrying climate crisis. It is a little treat of fine literature attempting to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the world reader; as it seduces her or him into following those forgotten feelings of political Soviet pathos.

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