New review out of WARNING LIGHT CALLING in ThrillerMagazine by writer and reviewer Sacha Rosel.

Especially, the following passage from WARNING LIGHT CALLING tells something politically interesting about contemporary Denmark, according to the reviewer, Sacha Rosel:

“Epitome of high mutual trust level and excellent welfare system, Denmark is here depicted as a country losing (or on the cusp of losing) its authenticity, ravaged by a version of Corona virus which reads like a counterfeit of meaning, social responsibility, community and creativity and gives in to emotional interaction immunization, pre-arranged slogans fed to the populace to make them harmless via “chemotherapy against communication cancer”. In many ways, the entire book can be seen as a critique on Danish efficiency, but also as a “warning light calling” against the gradual deterioration of Nordic countries’ core values in the name of globalization and profit.”

Warning Light Calling is published by Vræyda Literary Press in Canada.

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