I am really proud of this review in Muse India – a renowned literary journal from India. Reviewer Leenu Lenus has written more than a 1000 words with analysis and interpretation of my collection Danish Northwest. Also, this has only been possible because of the help of my co-translator Mary-Jane Holmes.

Leenu Lenus writes:

“With all its simplicity and purity, this collection propels the reader to newer and greener lands populated with solace and peace.”

“The poet visualizes the country life in its purity and freshness.”

“Nature and its elements are truly appreciated in this collection and most of the poems are in tune with rhythm of natural world around us.”

“The joy for the little things of the world around us is incessantly reverberated in this poetic journey.”

“Overall, the collection presents a lively atmosphere to the reader providing an interactive gathering of ‘Hygge’ practice.”

Read the review here: http://museindia.com/Home/ViewContentData?arttype=articles&issid=91&menuid=8917