The cows were having a Christmas Party
in the stables of Øster Skaarup. When things
really got going, the cows were swinging
from their udders, the pigs rolled around
the floor, the hens pecked each other
in an attempt to kiss. The horses reared.
And whinnied to the beat of the music.

But as the dance rocked, the stereo fell
in the slurry, short circuited, a fire
broke out, spread through the thump
a soul song. The pigs squealed, the hens
were a frenzy of wings, the horses
flared their nostrils and neighed
but the cows sat back on their withers
and sprayed their milk on the flames.

With the fire extinguished there came
the most wonderful scent of caramel
which smelt of the essence of Christmas.
Good tidings to you all cheered
the whole stable except the barking dog
chained outside who could not imagine
all the goings on he wasn’t part off.

(Translated by Peter Graarup Westergaard/Mary-Jane Holmes)