Great News! New review of my book “WARNING LIGHT CALLING”!

The international SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Association) has reviewed the WARNING LIGHT CALLING in their spring issue of the magazine Star*Line:

They write about the Warning Light Calling:

“The summation is dissidence and poetry as fire. Do not look for closure in the narratives whether local or meta. Know that there is more originality in this book than in most careers. Whether the reader finds value in that may depend on how anchored they are to their views, or even their reality. This is not a book for those comfortable in the mundane.”

“As a book of poetry, this is the occasional story of Spacy Peter and Yelena as told by a twenty-first-century William S. Burroughs intoxicated with SpecPo.”

Read the whole review in the link below (The last review at the bottom of the website):