Warning Light Calling has been reviewed by the British Science Fiction Association in their winter edition of the BSFA Review.

Link: https://www.bsfa.co.uk/

Susan Peak writes:

“This book is probably as much SF genre as a lot of New Wave fiction, which is to say very little, but it is memorable.”

“If you are already interested in SF poetry, then I would say this is worth seeking out provided you like being baffled and intrigued.”

“The twists and turns were stimulating.”

“I found this to be an enigmatic book, but one that I also found to repay re-reading. A first reading was necessary simply in order to engage with the book and to get a sense of its contents and shape. On the second reading, I found many of the poems to be intriguing, conveying images that didn’t necessarily make sense in themselves, but which contributed to the atmosphere of the whole book.”

Thanks a million for this BSFA!

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